Poultry Photos


Poultry Photos brings to you an exclusive collection of Historical Poultry Photographs specialising in Chickens, Waterfowl, and Turkeys.  The historical photographs have been taken during the 1920s through to the 1940s by the late Mr Arthur Rice. There is also an interesting collection of  poultry books written by Ian Kay.

The photos can be used from representational purposes to learning to using it as they are – a piece of Art and History. You can purchase a montage or a single photograph, printed in a sepia format from our site, with or without a frame. Each montage depicts between 7 – 12 images of the best of that breed from that era with bird identification where possible. The montage can be purchased as a print only or the montage can be supplied in an A3 frame, as an extra.  Also available are other animals, farm implements and period farmyard scenes that have been carefully selected from nearly 3,500 photographs from the original 6,000 glass plates.

As you browse through our vast collection of poultry photos of different breeds (all available for purchase) and see how some of the breeds have developed for the better and some that have declined,  you will notice that some breeds are now extinct.

In a rare instance that you cannot find your specific breed or have any questions please do email us.

If you are a show organiser or if you would like to see a greater selection of a breed, or you are a publisher interested in using photographs from the collection, please email or contact us and let us know your requirements.