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Home of the original Cumbrian Jack Russel terrier book by 

Denise McKenzie Greig.




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Home of the original Cumbrian Jack Russell terrier book
by Denise McKenzie Greig.

CaldbeckJack Jack Russell Terriers are bred to preserve the original John Peel line, breeding for Size, Temperament, Speed, Agility, Looks and Intelligence.

This awesome book explains the history of Denises’ families linage of Jack Russell’s that go back to the Sir John Peel line.

It is filled with her personal life and how she;

  • became a custodian of the Cumbrian Jack Russell’s
  • how she made history at Crufts,
  • breeding a Jack,
  • understanding genetics in layman’s terms

and lots more, all supported by some stunning photographs of her past and current dogs.

This A5 book has over 200 photographs, nearly 20,000 words, 112 pages plus cover and comes soft bound in full colour.