Plymouth Rocks Montage

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Arthur Rice Historical & Period Photographs.

We are delighted to offer reproductions from the original glass plates and photographs taken during the early 1900’s by Arthur Rice.

Most of these are of winners, inc. Dairy and Palace exhibitions during the 1920/30s.

We have produced an A3 montage of some of the most popular breeds printed in sepia format. Each montage depicts between 7 to 12 of the best of that breed available with bird identification where possible.

These photographs show how these breeds were in that period of time. Some have progressed, but sadly some have not.

These photographs are not just historical, they are heritage.

You can purchase a frame at the same time as ordering or can have them supplied without for you to choose your own.

Collection can be arranged.



Plymouth Rocks.plymouth_rocks_montage
Top 1; Columbian Cockerel. 1st Dairy Show in 1937 for Mr J Taylor of Essex..
Top 2; Partridge Plymouth Rock Cockerel from the 1930s.
Top 3;Buff Cock. Over 30 1st and many specials inc. Olympia 1934 for Mrs Drew.
Top 4; Barred Cock, winner of many awards during 1932-34 for Mr Marshall.
Middle 1; Black Hen, Won many awards inc. Bath & West 4 times for Mr E Allenby.
Middle 2; Partridge Plymouth Rock Pullet.
Middle 3. Buff Pullet, 1st at the Dairy Show for Messrs. Bilsborough & Bland.
Middle 4; Barred Hen, Silver medal winner at Kettering for Mr R Anthony.
Lower 1; White Cockerel, 2nd Dairy Show for Mr W W Woodward, Worcs.
Lower 2; White Pullet, Medal winner Champion Bird, Sandy for Mr W Bothuich.
Lower 3; Silver Pencilled Pullet, Exhibited at 1930 World Poultry Congress.
Lower 4; Silver Pencilled Cockerel, 1930 World Poultry Congress at Crystal Palace.


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